Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Off Subject Post...but with value!

So...thinking about NATURE...obviously it's what I's probably WHY you're reading this's probably WHY a lot of us are passionate about sustainability. Now mind you...I'm not an "off grider"...YET, for me (us) it's a process, and a desire...but remember, this is a blog about my JOURNEY, not my "finished Product"! With that being said...I begin this post!

Very soon, we'll be ready to move into our new homestead...(can you say GLORIOUS!) And I think about how my "everyday tasks" of being a Mom, wife, etc.. will change the way I have to do some things. It won't be "imaging HOW" I'll do'll be a forced matter of DOING IT! So, I felt no better time than the present to start experimenting with different products/tools/etc....and reporting my reviews as I go! You'll find a LOT of different things I'll try...some useful, some...well..maybe not so much!

One thing I think a lot about it HOW I look. I don't need anyone to tell me that "it doesn't matter how you look!" or "You're suppose to be a homesteader...throw on your overalls, put your hair in a ponytail, and get to work growing your greens and shoveling poo!" I'm sorry...I'm a GIRL, (Mature lady!) and I FEEL better when I look good! Sure..I don't mind lounging around in my pj's or oversized T-shirts, or even wearing my crocks to town!! But for ME...I LIKE TO LOOK NICE! So fooey on those of you that think those things don't matter! I like to look good because it makes me happy! So...there! Trust me...I can get just as diry/sweaty/nasty as any guy could...and love it! But there's still something to be said about cleaning myself up real fine! So...with that being said, I'm going to start my review of my first product!

Why I wanted to try it:
1. Because I want more natural products, and less GUNK in my hair!
2. Going from city water/city sewer to a well and septic...I'm concerned about all the SOAP products going into the ground.
3. If it's healthier for my hair, and will help me grow it back out (so I CAN do a nice ponytail) I'm all for it!

So here it is: HAIR ONE
Check out the link, and get the details so as to save time putting the information of it on here. For those that don't want to click on the link...basically, it's cleansing conditioner made with all natural products, contains NO sulfates, and no detergents. IT WILL NOT SUDS! It's just like WEN, but at a fraction of the cost! You can buy it at Sally's Beauty Supply for $10.99. They claim that the longer/more you use it...the better condition your hair will be! So...I'll begin on Day ONE, and as not to appear redundant, will only post updates to the review on a monthly basis!

I bought the Jojoba for color treated hair...(oh COME ON!!! REALLY???) I may be a natural blonde...but me a blonde that doesn't improve on her color??? Anyways...I tried it for the first time today! I followed the directions to a T! It wasn't long before the natural elixirs started tingling my head!!!! Kinda like when you put VICKS up your nose! hehehe BUT without the "nasty" smell! Very Sweet smelling! Left it on for the suggested time and longer, rinsed REAL well, towel dried, then blew it out with a large round brush!

Results? Wow...I am amazed! Hair has more shine, more body, and even the color looks BETTER! Very soft too! I'm loving this! I always say...the proof is in the ongoing testing will need to be done! So...with that being said. My first "product review" is complete! Short...sweet...and to the point! I'll put up some videos of products I'm trying...or want to try. I go!!! (as I exit the room swishing my "FULL OF BODY" hair from side to side and whip it to the side for a little "exit wink"! ;)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Hello Hello!

Winter is in the air...unfortunately! For those that don't know me...I HATE WINTER! hehehe But on the positive side, the cold weather does slow me down to the point that I have a little more time to devote to my blog! I'm promising that I'll do a better job at keeping up!

The past two months have been pretty uneventful for the most far as "homesteading" goes. Due to all the country restrictions, (see earlier posts) we did have the well drilled and now have WATER! I don't feel too bad about it though, as it isn't city water/ I don't have water bills! YEA!

Late October, we also fired up the in floor radiant heating... which led us to having to hurry up and insulate the building since we were losing a lot of heat. Within a week or two, we were able to drywall the ceilings in the living quarters, insulate the outside walls, and blow in insulation up in the attic space. (and yes...I used eco friendly GREEN insulation) This was a huge expense we hadn't budgeted things were slim for a few weeks. You can imagine how many bags of insulation it took to blow a 40x60 building! So now that it's nice a cozy in's heated up real nice.

NOW FOR THE BAD NEWS: My DH underestimated the load the water heater was going to take to heat up the water for the in floor radiant heating. It's working...for now... but at a huge expense of LP, something I'm not proud and learn. Soooooo...I have plans to add a solor hot water collector and tank to preheat the water before entering the water heater. It's not something I'll get to soon though, so look for that spring project in posts to come!
NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS: My carefully designed floorplan for the living quarters is REALLY paying off! I researched and studied "passive solar heating" and utilized what I'd learned when designing the living quarters...and boy OH BOY has it worked! Knowledge is POWER...and pun is intended! The living quarters boasts a remarkable temperature over the rest of the building! I'm soooooooo thankful that I paid attention!

Another good thing about winter, (I'm trying to be positive here...) is that I really start getting the "homesteading and sustainable" bug... I have more time to research out ideas...etc... (and catch up on Wretha's Blog!) Start planning my gardens etc...When talking with a friend last night, I decided that I could incorporate my "soon to have" livestock into my photography marketing. So for my "spring set" and Easter pics, I'm going to have LIVE chicks and bunnies! The chickens will then be moved out to the coop. My daughter wants bunnies, I want that works too! Killing 2 birds with one to speak! (no pun intended there!) hehe

Another thing I want to mention here...that I haven't touched on yet, is TRASH! One of my concerns when we set out to build was "construction trash". Typically, you see a construction dumpster next to every construction site. This was disconcerting to me, and I had real issues with adding MY trash to the landfill. This set about my thoughts that I would be a frugal as possible in WHAT I was throwing away during the construction phase. I'm proud to say that I did not get a dumpster, and only have a very small garden trailer full of trash....real trash...nothing I could find purpose for! I salvaged every piece of scrap lumber that I thought I could use for another project...every piece of metal siding/roofing over a sq. ft. was saved! (I figure I could piece enough together to cover the roof of a shed or something!)

So what's the GAME PLAN?? So glad you asked!!!
1. This next week, I'm starting on drywalling the walls in the living quarters. My goal in the next two months, is to be moved in...or at least VERY close to moving into the living quarters. Then begins the arduous task of preparing and getting this home ready for the market!

2. I'll also be planning my garden for this next spring. This year I'm going to try something different (for me). I am going to do "square foot gardening", and leave the huge plot to just CORN! I love love love to watch The Garden Girl! She has so many great and wonderful tips and tricks and knowledge..I urge you all to check out her website!
As time allows...I'll start building some raised beds to get ready for spring!

3. well...I can't think of number 3 right now! LOL Actually, I can't generalize ALL the things that still need done down to just one I'll just have to post as I come up with things!

Well, that's it for now! Till next time!