Thursday, May 14, 2009

Forgot to mention my "Good Find!"

I totally scored big time yesterday~! But before I get tons of questions like: "Those aren't sustainable!" "Why do you need a dishwasher?" "HOW are those "Green"?". For starters..REMEMBER...I said we were a traditionally SUPER busy family of five, and it's my desire to show the normal family of five ways to be sustainable and more environmentally friendly, while still living la vida loca! hehe The appliances are Energy Star, (which was a bonus!) and studies have shown that LESS water is used in a dishwasher than in hand washing your dishes. And with the amount of dishes my family produces..(AND trying to stay away from plastic/styrofoam etc... disposables) a dishwasher makes perfect sense! And for the price...for those most interested in budgets, I got a great deal! Yes...I could have found even MORE used ones, for pennies...BUT they would have been energy suckers, and low life left. I'm getting QUALITY appliances for a great price!
Here we go! was able to find ALL of my appliances for the new living quarters! I found an ad on Craigslist for a full set of matching appliances...a side by side w/water and ice in the door (Elite version), matching range, microwave, and dishwasher! They're coming out of an upper crust housing addition about an hour away! The wife want's all stainless steel, so they're replacing them! Anyways...I got them ALL for only $700! I went there yesterday to look and pay for them! The timeframe works out great too! They don't have their new one's yet, and we don't have a place to put them yet...he asked if they could have two weeks! SURE...WHY OF COURSE YOU CAN! Considering I don't have a place to store them yet~! Appliances....CHECK! Thank God for his Blessings!

The excavation begins!

Monday, we started the excavation on the building site! Brought in several loads of beautiful fill, and got everything leveled out and ready to receive the building and the slab! YEA~! So exciting!
And I'm even MORE EXCITED to announce that TODAY is the BIG DAY!!! Our building is scheduled to arrive between 12 and 1:00! YIPPEE~ Tobey took the day off work to be here too! BUT we got a LOT of rain last night, and he said the land is really I'm not sure how the "offloading" of the building is going to go?

As of right now...we are scheduled to start erecting the building on Monday. So be ready for a lot of pics~! Things are moving pretty fast now! Exciting but stressful at the same time! But I just can't wait! wooohooooo

Mother's Day (a little late...I know!)

Hello everyone, and Happy Belated Mother's Day! I would have posted sooner, but couldn't find my usb cord for my phone! I also apologize for the images...seems my camera on my phone isn't producing as good as it I guess I'll have to switch to one of my son's point and shoots!

We spent a wonderful Mother's Day out on the land with our close friends, Bruce and Tammy and their kids. (And both Mother in Laws) The kids played on the dune buggy, sharing rides, and also got in on splitting wood! Who'd ever had thunk it that kids would argue about WHO get's to split wood? HA! Even the littlest of kids were splitting!

We had to dodge some rain...but what's a good camp out without rain? Good food, Good friends...Good times! And we were blessed with a gorgeous rainbow!! MY cup runeth over!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's been a BUSY and long 2 weeks!

Sorry it's been a little while since posting...but since I'm working as our General Contractor, I've had tons of things to take care of! I'll highlight some of the more exciting things!

We got our building permit! YEA! We're legal! $35.00 and we're good to go! Easy process, and nothing to worry about! (That's the GOOD news!)

Next I hit the Health Department. uhhhh...not so much fun! I spent 3 hours at the Health Dept. with all the architect's drawings of the graywater disposal system, the codes for New Mexico and Arizona, research and studies to back it up etc... (I had called ahead several days prior to my actual visit)

And for the sake of the readers...I will not go into all the details...just the "meat" of it! Long Story Short (ha) Not only will they NOT allow the composting toilets...Ohio has actually made them ILLEGAL! Same with Graywater systems. They took pity on me and WERE very nice of them literally sat there and told me that it's all political, and all about money..and that what I was proposing was better for the environment, but that the state wouldn't make any money off of it. Which means we will have to have a septic system. THEN...(get this) it's also illegal to have a cistern without having a fully working well drilled! DOH! WHAT'S THE POINT? There again...he said it was political, and that when people were "bootlegging" water...the state wasn't making see...the reason they were bootlegging water, was because the state made a rule that you had to be a "Certified Water Handler" and Licensed to transport water in the state of Ohio, (which costs money) so people were bootlegging the water! HA! So we're back at square one...and we certainly didn't allot money in our loan for a septic ($15,000 - $20,000) and a well ($4500) I said...they were REALLY helpful, (and sounded to me like they were tired of the political crap themselves) There's this new system called the "Presby Environmental" septic system that's about half the cost...BUT they are only manufactured by ONE company, and you have to be a certified Presby installer in order to purchase one. (Figures!)

Sooooooooooooo they proposed that I file a variance ($100 to apply) to allow us to only place the actual septic TANK in the ground, and have it pumped as needed, for up to ONE YEAR. During that year, we would attend a Presby certification class, and be able to do it ourselves for about half of the half of the other system...(so around $4000) We go to the variance meeting on the it all hinders on that. Then we have a friend who will drill a well at a fairly decent price. So we're still spending out of pocket...but just not as much!

We also had the test holes dug for the perc test ($75) for the dig ($140 for them to come out) BUT the guy said that he was really surprised, and that we have some of the best dirt he's seen in our county! YEA!!!! Some GOOD NEWS!

I also spent all the week getting my garden in. (will post pics) It's pretty big, and contains,
8 rows of sweetcorn
4 rows of bush beans
4 rows of peas
2 rows of lettuce
2 rows of romaine
2 rows of radishes
2 rows of carrots
2 rows of jalapeno, and banana peppers
36 tomato plants
2 rows of broccoli
2 row of cauliflower
2 rows of spinach
4 rows of onions

I still have to plant my green peppers, but the Amish family that runs the greenhouse were out of them, so I'll have to go into the larger Amish community about 30 min. away for green peppers. Mind you...I got all the above for $55.00 YIPEE!

My buddy Dan loaded our truck with a skid steer bucket of turkey poo compost and cow poo compost..I was on my own that I shoveled it out one shovel at a time, then used the bobcat to spread it around.

NOW HERE'S THE FUNNY STORY! So I get done with the compost, and decide that I'd better take the truck to the car wash or my Hubby will be ticked if his truck smells like poo! I wasn't even thinking when I put that high pressure washer in the bed of the pull of the trigger, and I created a shower of sweet smelling poo~ HA! I covered myself with POO~ Oh how I stunk! But I persevered and kept cleaning, only to accidentally do it a couple more times! It's amazing how those little crevices in a truck bed can shoot poo! Needless to say, I came home and took a REAL shower! (smelled LOTS better!)

So early next week, the excavator is coming to start the bed of the slab and grade everything, we have to take a trip to Menards to get all the plumbing stuff for the plumbing...(and a normal toilet) (Bummer!) THEN, there's potentially a chance the building will be here late this week or early next! So check back often, as I'll post pics of the whole thing going up! I've hired Dan as my construction manager, and three other guys and myself will put this thing up three days! (and yes...I'm BELIEVING THAT IT WILL BE DONE!) :) Well...that's all for now! Toodles!