Monday, March 1, 2010

Whoa...Where the green grass grows!!!

WHEATGRASS...I'm not going to lie...It's the most nastiest, yacky tasting yuck I've ever had to gulp down and swallow!!! BUT I can honestly say I CAN feel the difference and I'm SOLD on juicing wheatgrass!!! So forget that my front living room has been turned into a grass growing greenhouse and the stuff is NASTY, I'm in this 100% and completely endorse wheatgrass!

I start by rinsing and soaking my berries, and have quite the system worked out.  I'm planting about every 3 days to keep an ongoing supply...BUT I am having great luck with the grass growing a second time (second cutting) so I'm taking a few days off from starting new flats to make sure I dont' have too much.

Here are a few shots of my wheatgrass in different stages.  Sorry for the bad quality...cell phone again!  LOL