Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hey all!!! Well, my first flat of wheatgrass is growing very well!!! I would say it'll be done in about 3-4 days! BUT, I may have to borrow my friend's wheatgrass juicer till mine get's here! I purchased the Healthy Juicer from I REALLY wanted the stainless steel one, but money played a huge part, so the Healthy Juicer it is!

 I also purchased some hydrogen peroxide and a spray bottle.  Apparently you can help not get mold by misting the grass with peroxide!  We'll see if it works!  So far, I see no signs of mold on the grass!  

The next thing I need to purchase when I go to town, is a few black trays without holes in the bottom!  I want to create a little "hydroponic" watering system so the roots are watered from the bottom up.  I'd also heard that this helps with the mold issue also.  Oh, and another thing I've been doing, is having a fan blow on the grass about half the day!  I'm getting excited to finally try my grass!!!  It looks so beautiful and green...and alive!!  YEA!!!  My second flat is still in it's "sprouting stage" and just starting to's about at 1/2 inch.  And my third batch is soaking.  I have them spaced about 3-4 days apart! We'll see how that goes!!!

I've also been juicing regular vegy's everyday!  I bought a Juiceman centrifugal juicer.  We juice carrots, apples, celery, kiwi, etc... and I haven't juiced a juice I don't like!

Now for the BAD news!  Had quite the spat with the Hubby the other day!  He bought WHITE BREAD, SUGAR CEREALS, AND FROZEN PIZZAS!  Gasp!!!!  OH NO HE DIDN'T!!!!  I had to show him all the horrible stuff on the labels!!!  I mean...COME ON!!!  I also purged the cabinets of taco seasonings with MSG in them!  I told him to take them to work and give them to one of  his employee's that he doesn't like! HEHEHE!!!  Ok...I know..that was BAD!  LOL   

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