Friday, April 8, 2011

The Chickies have arrived!!!

My first batch of chickies arrived on Tuesday!  35 Meaties and 7 Rhode Island Reds (5 hens-2 cockerels)  They're just the cutest little things!!!  I spent the day preparing by building and modifying 2 broody boxes since you can't broody the two breed together.  Yes...I'm SURE it's been done before by someone...but I chose not to!!!  I've already lost 1 meatie chick on the 3rd day. Not really sure why??  I figured I'd lose about 5 total based on the mortality rate of the Cornish crosses, so I didn't get too upset this time! lol
Here are the two broody boxes.  The smaller one on the left is for the RIR's, and the larger one for the meaties!  I built hinged lids covered with chicken fence to keep out my cat Cutie, and Rockey.  I had to invest in a second heat lamp, feeder and waterer...but they're items that'll come in handy again I'm sure!

and here's Rockey, babysitting all the little chicks! He's so sweet!!!  He paces back and forth crying, like he's so worried about them!!!  I've found Cutie sitting on top of the smaller one just watching them!  I'm SURE out of appetite more than concern! LOL  I'll continue to post more pics as they grow!  Toodles!

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