Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Darn this rain!

So...I've made VERY little progress on my pallet building projects!  We keep getting more and more rain...and quite frankly, I'm a little tired of it! LOL  I keep telling myself it could be worse!  My heart goes out to all those lost in tornados this past week!

The chickies are all growing super fast...and stinking super much!  It's only been 11 days, and I seriously do not remember them stinking THIS bad!  I've changed out the litter, but I still smell poo!!!  I'll have to do SOMETHING real soon, as we're having Easter dinner here, and my super "clean freak" sister will have a conniption if there's even a faint sniff of chicken!!  I'm hoping that this next weekend, I can move the chicks (at least the meaties) out to the run outside!

I did score a used shed for $100!!!  I'd planned on making it into the new chicken coop, but some friends of mine are selling me a milking goat and a new kid whether, so I'm thinking that the shed will have to be shelter for the goats!  I'm going to meet the goats tomorrow and watch my friend Susan milk her!  Apparently she's a great milker, and I'm looking forward to having my own goat milk! (...cheese...yogurt...cream...soaps...lotions...)  My hubby doesn't know it yet, so I'm sure I'll face some big argument with him...but I'll win! ;)

Well...that's all that's pretty much been happening here...the rain has really put a damper on my plans!
  So till then...toodles!


Wretha said...

You can send the rain to west Texas, between the drought, wind and fires, we could sure use some rain. :)


B-Green Acres said...

I'd be more than happy to send it if I could Wretha!!! My whole acreage is completely saturated and tons of puddles and standing water! Absolutely no way to do anything. Apparently, we have more on the way!! :(

Sorry to hear you having such a dry spell! I heard something on the news the other day about the wildfires, and how a homeless man has been arrested for starting it?? Crazy! Better be doing a "rain dance" down there and see if you can stir up any rain! LOL