Friday, March 4, 2011

And now for some PICTURES!

These are the square foot gardens that I built last spring!  I filled them with 1/3 Vermiculite, 1/3 composted manure, and 1/3 professional garden soil.  They did SOOOO well!!!  But, were still not big enough for my family or for me to have anything left to can or freeze.  I planted several different lettuces, onions, cantelope, beans, peas (fail), tomatoes, green peppers and cucumbers.  I'll be expanding them this next growing season!
This is the living quarters kitchen and den.  I stained the concrete a beautiful "terra cotta" and absolutely LOVE not having carpet out here!  With the amount of dirt we track in, I can't imagine all of it just settling to the bottom of carpet!
 This is my daughters room!  I built her loft bed from reclaimed 2x4 from a wall I took out of my storefront when I had my business up town!  didn't cost me a penny!
This is "Rockey", our wonderful Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) The ONLY breed I will ever have!! (unless I get a BIG outside dog for protection! lol)  Best chicken herder ever!
And HERE's my sweet ISA's!!!  I let them free range...but in the next couple pictures, you'll see why I'm going to be fencing them in this next summer!  LOL comes my rewards!

Yes...that's 2 back to back double yolkers!
These are my meatie chicks in the first "tote" broody box.
second broody box.  I later took them outside into their covered chicken run where they lived out the rest of their lives grazing fresh grasses as I moved the chicken tractor around the yard!

and here's what they looked like after!  Yum!!!  I pieced out most of the chickens and bagged the breasts and legs in separate bags for easy access!  Boiled the rest for shredded chicken and stock!

And just for's a pic of my gorgeous foot.  sorry for the distortion...but I was on pain meds! LOL The second one is of my daughter (on the left) and her Amish friend Rose.  Rose's Mom dressed up my daughter as "Amish" for trick or treating!  I think she fit the part pretty good!!! 

These last ones are of my recently finished bathroom!  Well..ALMOST finished!  I still have to put in the toilet and hook up the sink plumbing...but I'm getting there!  That's it for now folks!  Hope you enjoyed!~  Like I said, I'll be keeping up a lot better in the future!  Have a great day!

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