Friday, March 11, 2011

Ordered my Chickens today!

Just got off the phone with our feed center and have placed my order for my spring batch of meaties!  I ordered 70 this time of the Cornish Cross meaties, (yes...I know...they're not freedom rangers!)  The first 35 will arrive on April 5th, and the last 35 will arrive on May 24th.  Nicely spaced apart, but close enough to have them finished by fall!

I also ordered 5 Rhode Island Red little lady chickies, and 2 RRI cockerels.  I'm hoping to establish my own breeding flock so I won't have to keep buying chicks!  I love my ISA's but the fact they never go broody is a downer for me!

I'm also planning my new chicken coop and wood shed!  After a lot of research, I THINK I'm going to be building them out of free pallets!  Wowzers...this should be interesting! ;)

Also received my meal replacement powders today!  Can't wait to get my GREENS too...hopefully tomorrow!  Gotta run for now!  Peace!

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